7 Ways to Combat Hate Speech

by Joshua C. Nathan

We do not have to limit First Amendment protection of free speech to prevent hate speech from becoming normalized…

  1. Exercise your right to free speech and promote your values in a civil manner. Free speech can be mighty good.
  2. Confront hate speech when you encounter it: respond online by posting your objection, report graffiti to get it removed.
  3. Speak out against prejudice and support organizations that do so. Hate speech is prejudice, silence becomes complicity.
  4. Unite with communities victimized by hate speech and prejudice.
  5. Insist that leaders avoid hateful rhetoric and condemn its use by others.
  6. Verify: listen to distinguish hate speech from ill-informed speech and engage in substantive debate.
  7. Support quality journalism and education. Hate speech is fueled by ignorance, the truth is a powerful ally.

(Excerpted from Josh Nathan’s talk: "The First Amendment, Hate Speech And What To Do When Hate Speech Flares Up")

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