From idea to distribution, let's get it done.

The Firm provides representation and counsel to companies and individuals engaged in developing, producing and distributing creative, informational and educational content across digital and traditional media platforms, including television, film, print, mobile and online.

Key Service Areas in the Arts

In conjunction with its intellectual property and media practice, the Firm works extensively with professionals, businesses, and nonprofits working in creative content, including:

  • Art, Design, and Photography
  • Television, Film, and Video
  • Writing, Journalism, and Publishing
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Education
  • Interactive Media
  • Events and Performance

For television, film, and video, the Firm's services include helping clients with:

  • Rights Options
  • Financing
  • Talent and labor
  • Production counsel
  • Pre-sales, distribution and licensing

Practical Experience

The Firm draws on founder Josh Nathan’s experience in television, advertising, and art. This includes Josh Nathan’s work as a head of business affairs, general counsel, and strategist, and as an award winning executive producer working on a broad range of productions, including:

  • Documentary (history, science, art, travel)
  • Independent Film
  • Streaming, Online, Mobile, and Social Media
  • Podcasts
  • News and Public Affairs
  • Lifestyle and Talk
  • Commercials
  • Performance TV (music, dance, theater)
  • Educational
  • Children's (live action and animated)
  • Unscripted/Reality

Legal and business affairs services for television, film and video content include:


  • Confidentiality/NDA
  • Submission Agreements
  • Underlying Rights Option/Purchase: Literary Rights, Life Story Agreements
  • Reality/Unscripted, Live Performance, Format Licenses


  • Development Deals
  • Commission Agreements
  • Financing: Private Placement, Co-Production (Domestic, Foreign, Public TV)
  • Grants: Public Private
  • Joint Ventures
  • Revenue: Profit Sharing/Waterfalls, Royalties
  • Sponsorships: Corporate Underwriting, Product Placement


  • Insurance: E&O, Production, Kidnap and Ransom
  • Producer/Production Agreements
  • Studio and Facilities Agreements
  • Transportation Agreements and Compliance
  • Talent Agreements (Guild, Independent): Writer, Actor, Director, Editor, Technical, Composer, Musician, Artist Loan Out, Independent Contractor


  • Permission Agreements: Appearances (Adults, Children), Footage and Stills, Location, Music, Visual Arts/Artifacts
  • Counsel: Broadcast Standards and Practices, Fair Use, Libel, Slander, Defamation, Privacy/Publicity, Titles and Trademarks


  • Sales Agent and Pre-Sale Agreements
  • Broadcast/Cable: Domestic, Foregn, Public TV
  • Digital: Online, Mobile, Social Media
  • Home Video: DVD/Download, Streaming/OnDemand
  • Ancillary Licenses: Nontheatrical/Educational, Publishing, Merchandise